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We are very honoured to team up with with a local therapist and author who has written a wonderful book for both new mummy and baby.  This gift package is perfect for mummy & baby, make a wish for babies future and plant it for both mummy and babies future wellbeing together, read this brilliant rhythmical book to baby and then put into practise the well-being exercises for mummy for her self love, relax in a bath with the calming scent of Lavender Fields to wash away the stress and strains of the hectic lifestyle of being a new mummy.   This lovely bundle is beautifully packaged in sustainable packaging and all recyclable.  Tanya wrote this beautiful book with both mother and child's wellbeing at the centre of its origins, when I started dreaming about My Wish Tree I wanted to encourage wellness of the planet and of ourselves as humans, mummies or daddies.  If we look after ourselves we can give our children the best of ourselves, if we look after our planet we can preserve their future.


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