I have a very talented Mother who not only draws but has been a keen gardener all her life.  She tends to her beautiful English garden with love and attention daily and whilst she isn't looking after to her buds and the bees fest in her magical garden - she is drawing or painting the fruits of her labour.  So for our set up my sister and I created these beautiful Magnolia seed cards for you to send to your loved ones.  I have sent them to my friend who has just had a baby girl to welcome her into the world and whilst her daughter grows so too will the Magnolia tree with the right nourishment and love.

I also sent one to another friend who lost her dear friend to depression - so that she can celebrate her memory with the love and see her memory live in a new life that is her Magnolia tree.  

I am a novice to growing trees and have wanted to launch this site since my niece was born six years ago so I will post some top tips on growing your Magnolia from seed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please invite your friends to plant more trees............ the world needs a plant more trees movement xx