Katie & Finlay's Wish Tree Journey

When I started My Wish Tree, this is just one of the dreams I envisioned and I am so glad to share this with you today.  I envisioned children sharing time with their parents planting trees for their future and this is a experience Katie had with her son Finlay when she spent her gift voucher that  her friend had sent her.  Initially, Katie could not se what she wanted so she DM'd me with her wish.

Katie's son is a fan of Pears and as she had a small garden she tasked me to find a Dwarf Pear Tree.  I am happy to say we got one for her and we now stock them as a result.  

We delivered extra wishing cards as I understood Katie wanted to share this moment with Finlay.

Finlay made a lovely wish for the World to have less plastic in it.  Whilst Katie, planted a wish of gratitude for her friendships. 

I think we can say, Finlay will always remember the time he shared with his mum planting this tree.  He is definitely making a great enrichment to his world learning to plant trees at such an early age and his Pear tree will grow with him and give him new fruit every year.

A truly magical experience and something wonderful to remember in this chaotic time that is positive.  Thank you Katie for making my dream come true and sharing this moment with me.  I hope many more parents will see the beauty in planting a tree with their children.  Planting their hopes and dreams for a bright future.

Please let me know if you would like a tree that you would like me to source.

Many thanks for your time reading this blog

Sarah x