Since I started My Wish Tree two whole months ago one of my big ambitions no matter how little or big my sales were was to donate to a charitable Reforestation project.  When I started to look at my options I was amazed to see just how many well deserving projects there are out there.  

Our first donation of £10 for ten trees to be planted was in Australia with a great project called  They plant in North America, Latin America, Asia & Australia and Africa.  You can donate as little as £1.00 and help replant the damage the bush fires caused with an unprecedented destruction  across every Australian state, burning up nearly 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of bush as of January 2020. 

You can donate yourselves online as we did - we will continue to support the work of One Tree Planted as our business grows and we are committed to donating £1.00 per tree sale.

In our second month we sold 24 trees and donated £24.00 to Plant your Future.  In 2003 and 2004, Jenny Henman was studying for her Masters and approached the  poverty-stricken, smallholder farmers who had no other means other than to crop down the trees for their livelihoods. Jenny spent time with these farmers who allowed her to understand the challenges they faced in returning to sustainable farming. After carrying out extensive consultation — including one-on-one interviews and workshops — she found they wanted meaningful long-term support to restore their land with orchards and productive agriculture, creating a better life for their families and escaping the poverty cycle they had become trapped in. She was determined to help them.  This is what she has achieved..........

To donate please go online to

Each month we will commit to donating to a reforestation project on your behalf - please let me know if you know of any worthy tree reforestation projects.  In the meantime - trees last longer than flowers and can actually save our planet so please buy a tree.

Many thanks for reading