At the moment my son is nervous of going to the toilet because snakes and crocodiles might come and bite his bottom.  Could you imagine if I presented him with a tree like this one - his imagination would go into overload.  These trees are molded growing an individual tree into a complete chair which takes anywhere from four to eight years.

The en result is beautiful ........ even if this is a slow process it is a true labour of love.  You will have to put yourself on a waiting list if you want to get your hands on one of these precious chairs. The first chair and lamp harvests are to begin in 2022-23 with only 2 or 3 chair harvests for the first 2 years .  To make enquirers and you will need to visit fullgrown.co.uk. 

If you want to follow their journey and learn more about the process they have a lovely book you can purchase....... I know I will be.  I hope you have enjoyed this sharing and caring blog this evening....... lets hope it feeds your imagination and encourages your love for trees.